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Aug 9, 2018

Podcast Summary: 

Procrastination. It’s a mysterious, sometimes crippling force that allows us to avoid undertaking and completing important tasks. And we’re all guilty of it on some level. Sometimes it’s due to anxiety. We’re anxious about the workload, or we’re unsure how we, or others, will feel about the finished product. It can also be due to perfectionism. We expect so much of ourselves that we delay a task as long as possible because we’re scared that, once it’s completed, it won’t be to our standards. Or it can simply come down to our emotions. We just aren’t in the mood to take on the task today, so we put it off.

Normally, procrastination is harmless. The work gets done, eventually, right? But when it comes to financial institutions and their software, the art of procrastination has some serious drawbacks. From security issues to a lackluster customer experience, neglecting to update their operating systems until the last minute can cause a bigger headache than they bargained for.

On today’s podcast, we’ll be talking about the upcoming Windows 10 software migration, and how financial institutions can look at this event not as an obstacle, but rather as an opportunity, and how banks, credit unions, and other FI’s can leverage the migration to their advantage.



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