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Feb 15, 2019


Banks’ investments are leaning heavily toward technology upgrades – especially those that make self-service, digital banking easier for customers, as Karen Webster with discussed in a recent conversation with Diebold Nixdorf Vice President of North America Solutions Heather...

Jan 30, 2019

In today's topic we're going to discuss the very interesting year of 2018 in the retail industry and we'll talk about what's to come in the new year.



How Self-Service is transforming Fast Fashion and In-Store Retail Experiences

Our Mobile Shopping Innovations are headed to EuroCIS

Jan 15, 2019

In this episode we'll discuss how organizations can keep up, and what is expected in order to stay ahead of their competition.
COMMERCE NOW (Diebold Nixdorf Podcast)

Amy Lombardo:               

Dec 5, 2018


In this podcast, Scott Harroff and Dave Phister spend some time looking back on some security related topics that transpired throughout 2018. Also, they touch on a few things that you might want to think about as you're heading into 2019; how to best protect you from organized criminals attacking your ATM fleets...

Nov 27, 2018


In this podcast on Zero Trust security; an encore to our November 15 webinar, during which, Dave and Merritt explored the architectural concept of Zero Trust and discussed how it can be leveraged by financial institutions to gain tighter control of ATM networks. Today, we want to take a deeper dive a few of...